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File Name: -=[Charon v0.6]=- (756.5 KB) Download
Author: Rhino (Uploaded by FreeWorm)
Date Added: 20-11-2007
Downloads: 1200
Grade: A+
-=[Charon v0.6]=-

HomePage: http://www.project2025.com/charon.php

This is the follow up to the proxy filtering program Calamity. It provides a fully customisable way of filtering out unwanted proxies via control files, a proxy tester to check anonymity - and a fully functional search engine crawler to find lists of posted proxies. Included within the kit is a php checker which can be uploaded to your own webspace to spread the processor load and bandwidth of the actual testing. This is fully integrated into Charon where it will simply send your pages lists of proxies and harvest the results.

You do not have permission to download files

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