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File Name: ProxyFireWall (1.03 MB) Download
Author: (Uploaded by CTS_AE)
Date Added: 24-10-2009
Downloads: 406
Grade: A+

This is a firewall which allows you to select if the connection is
1. Allowed
2. Blocked
3. Proxied

Also you can add/import proxy lists and check if they are working, if they are "bad" they are removed from the working list and added to "bad" list which you can double check the bad list again if you feel the need.

Proxy Firewall is an automatic proxy selector that will simply and easily manage proxy connections for you. Proxy Firewall does all of the work. There will be no need to configure your Internet programs to use a proxy, just answer Proxy Firewall's questions when asked. Important: In order for Proxy Firewall to route your connections through a proxy, you will need to provide it with working proxy servers. This means that in order to use Proxy Firewall, you will need to be capable of searching and finding socks5 or http (ssl compatible) proxy servers on the net. If you do not want to waste your time searching, (or for high speed servers) you will need to sign up for a proxy service. Most people just want to always have a list of hundreds of high speed anonymous proxy servers in the program that are always working.

Proxy Firewall Features And Options:

Auto Detect - Proxy Firewall automatically detects programs on your computer as they attempt to connect to the Internet.

Proxy Firewall will allow you to quickly set a rule for the program.

These rule settings are as follows:
Allow (no proxy) - Remembers not to use proxy for this program
Block All Connections - Will not let program access the net
Use Proxy Server - Forces program/connection through proxy

Once you select "Use Proxy Server"
You can choose from the following list of proxy options:
Use Proxy Server (single) - Select the proxy to use for program
Manually rotate single - Right click tray icon to manually rotate proxy
Rotate Private - Auto rotates through private proxy list
Rotate Open - Auto rotates through open proxy list
Rotate Manual - Auto rotates through other private proxy list
Rotate All - Auto rotates through all lists and proxies
Rotate Timer - Choose a time interval to automatically rotate the proxy

Import Option - Allows you to add/import your own open proxy lists

Open Proxy Check - You can check your open proxy servers to see if they are still alive. When an open proxy is checked, it will add the following information to the ip list window:

Proxy Country Code
Proxy Country Flag Icon
Proxy City, State/Region

If you mouse over the proxy ip in the window, a new box of information will display which includes the following information:

Postal Code
Latitude / Longitude
ISP of the proxy and "Level" - Level will be used later when we enable the option to use http proxy servers.

Open proxy automatic checking. You can set a timer interval to re-check your open proxies during a large net task, or just as normal maintenance. Proxies found to be bad are removed from your list and added to bad proxy storage area. These will checked again during the next auto check. You can clear your storage by a time interval as well

Session Log - The session log will allow you to go back and view which proxy servers were used for each connection and program

Private Proxy Tab - Downloads our proxy list (our members)

Manual Proxy Tab - Add/Import private proxies offered by other services (that are not open servers). Open servers do not require a user name and password. The Manual Proxies tab is used for proxies that require a user name and password to use them. This tab allows you to add thousands of proxies with a separate user name and password for each server. You can also add these in groups that all share the same settings.

These are not all of the options in Proxy Firewall. There are more now, and will be many more new options as we continue the work.

Proxy Firewall has been designed for the end user. It provides an easy interface for using proxy servers.

In the last couple of years the Internet community has been awakening to the need of hiding their personal information by stealthing their real ip address. Internet users are being bombarded with "TARGETED" Internet advertisements in the form of email, popup, web banner, adware, trojan horse, redirected web pages and the list goes on. In the last year we have seen advertising companies awakening to to possibilities of targeted advertising. They are now charging big bucks to send ad's to targeted Internet users.

Many savvy Internet users have turned to using proxy servers, bouncers, redirects and other methods of cloaking their "ip" identity.
Unfortunately, not all Internet users have the know how, ability or resources to easily configure this type of privacy protection on their computer. This is where Proxy Firewall comes in.

Proxy Firewall will automatically detect when a program attempts to connect to the Internet. It will then allow the user one of three choices.

1. Allow the program to connect to the Internet directly
2. Do not allow the program to connect to the Internet
3. Use a proxy server for the connection

When an anonymous proxy server is used for the connection, your real information will not be seen by anyone.

The Proxy Firewall user can also select from a list of different proxy options. One example would be, to have the proxy server rotate with each connection. This option would give the user a separate new identity with every connection made.

Proxy Firewall is easy to use. It is also packed with options, that make it useful for even the most advanced of users.

Proxy Firewall is a FREE program.
All anyone needs to make Proxy Firewall work, is the availability to a socks proxy server. The user can purchase access to private proxy services that supply access to hundreds of secure private proxies. There are also web sites on the Internet that provide one or more of the following:

Free open lists (see our warnings)
Pay for open lists (see our warnings)
Pay for private secure servers

The free open proxies are good for testing, but tend to be to slow for any serious broadband user. There are also security concerns and server availability problems. While the open server might be up and running one hour, it is gone the next. You may be doing the never ending search for good fast opens on a minure to minute basis.

Most people just sign up for a good broadband proxy service and be done with it. We offer such a service here.

Other good services that offer private secure socks proxy services will be listed here as we approve them.
You do not have permission to download files

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