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drmark1989 05-08-2013 17:53

A quality WEB (CGI/PHP) proxy list with a nofollow backlink

I would like to announce that listing no more requiring a dofollow back link instead it requires a nofollow one (which will never affect your seo)


  • In order to get listed in our directory you are required to linkback to our website
  • Premium listing don't require backlink
  • You will get a do follow backlink from us if you ordered 1 year premium.
  • Every time we send you a visitor we check your backlink, if you deleted the backlink you will be removed and banned permenantly.
  • Please put the following peace of code in your footer(without changing anything in the code):
  • <b><a href="" rel='nofollow' title="web proxy list" >web proxy list</a></b>
  • We require you not to place our backlink in a page have more than 20 external links if you do you will be banned.
  • Putting our backlink in hidden div or with 0px font or in marquee will get you banned at once.
  • We keep our proxy list working, clean and with a small number of proxies (we accept only quality proxies)
  • Free domains like .tk , .ml or any other free domains are no longer allowed, Find out why?.
  • If you would like to be listed without backlink you may order our Premium listing just choose premium from listing type below instead of standard

To submit your proxy : Submit your proxy to the best proxy list

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