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Unread 27-09-2010, 09:24   #1
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Default (almost) all about proxies

hi guys, during my "limited poster" timer I read a lot and I saw that many people want to use proxies but don't now what is it. so.. here's a little explaination with my poor english (maybe the thread title is a bit pretentious :x)

#0 - basics
You must have smattering of networking : what is an IP, a port, a server and few other things. if you don't, it won't be useful for you to read what's following.

#1 - what is a proxy ?
a proxy is a software installed on a computer. the software can be a web server, a proxy server, a virus, .. there's no rule. the only thing is : this software is waiting for incoming connections and forward them elsewhere on demand.

if the proxy is hosted by a computer, it means that if you want to use it, you'll have to know the computer IP and the TCP port on which the proxy is waiting for incoming connections.
that's why a proxy is always writen as an ip:port.

after IP and port, there's a last important thing that is charateristic of a proxy : its protocol. just consider the protocol as a language used by "your computer" and the proxy (http-connect/http-get, sock4, sock4a, sock5, ..). if one speaks deutch and the other japanese, they'll never succeed in communicating :) some of them can understand many "languages", it's often the case of sock5 proxies that also understand the sock4 protocol.
now, let's suppose you know the proxy IP, port and protocol what's happen when you're using it ?
let's suppose (again) you want to connect to an IRC network with a proxy. rather than establishing a connection directly to the IRC server, your irc client will make a connection to the proxy ip:port. using the protocol (the language), your irc client will ask to the proxy "connect me the this irc server". once the connections is made, the only thing the proxy will do is : forwarding data. all data sent from your connection will be forwarded to the irc server and all data sent by the irc server will be sent by the proxy to your irc client. The http-get protocol is a bit diffrent : the proxy will just make the connection, send an HTTP request, send you back the reply and then disconnect.

#2 - why someone says that a proxy is working and it doesn't for me ?
all proxies are not OPEN. you can install a proxy server on your computer and set a password to prevent other people to use it (ok in this case nobody else the owner will be able to use it), or set rules based on the user IP : a such proxy can work with people from one country but not from others, or users from a ISP...

another rule can be "how many connections the proxy can manage simultaneously ?". if it's limited to 10 connections and there's already 10 person using it, you won't be able to use it right now.

and, of course... because proxies are SOFTWARES running on computer, the proxy won't be accessible until the computer is turned on :) i know it's stupid except if.. you don't know where the proxy is (it could be the night in the "proxy place" while it's the day for you).

#3 - proxy quality
first, the quality of the proxy depends on how far it is from you. if the proxy is in asia and you in america, the communication with the proxy will be very long and the quality of the connection very poor. each packet sent will have to travel through many and many routers, it takes time and if only one fails your connection will be lost.

second, the proxy "popularity". if you're the only one to know a proxy, all its bandwith will be for you. if there's 5000 others people, the bandwith will be divided by 5000.

third is of course the proxy bandwith. if you're lucky (or not) and find a proxy with a 100Mb bandwith it'll go fast than a poor 56kb dialup :)

note.. it's not a quality factor, but of course if you're using an army connection close to your home, it will be near, fast, unpopular AND.. stupid :x

voila.. maybe another day I'll try to talk about the tools which help users with all of that.


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Unread 02-12-2010, 13:06   #2
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Thank you for the nice information
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Unread 31-10-2011, 17:15   #3
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thax for the long information and telling us well but what i have problem here is no find any solutions well never mind nice lecture
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